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Our Meat slicer used for slicing cooked meat, frozen meat, fresh meat and other meats, and the slices are fast and even. The slicing board has a non-slip design and a fixed claw design to protect our hands! 


Jinkun Meat slicer has a high-end design without welding. The whole machine is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy oxidation and imported blades. Our Meat slicer has obtained 3C certification and EU CE certification, and our products are sold all over the world! 


The cutting thickness of the Meat slicer can be adjusted, and the blade diameter is 0.2~12mm. Automatically cut meat, making meat cutting faster and saving time. The knife edge of the meat slicer has a safety protection baffle to cut meat more safely. 


Our meat slicer has 11 models, with American standard plug and Europlug, and there are a variety of product sizes to choose from. The surface treatment of the meat slicer can be selected from 'surface baking paint' and 'surface polishing oxidation'. 


Meat slicer has waterproof switch, full copper motor, more durable and safer!


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